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Our mission

At Spectral White, we feel the publishing world is hopelessly backwards. For far too long, readers and authors alike have made sacrifices to an outdated system, despite the many opportunities luring at the horizon. If it weren't so clichéd we'd say we want to shake up the world: for now we'll stick to telling beautiful stories. In order to achieve that, we are:

Looking ahead

We won't let ourselves be confined by the borders of a single medium, nor by outdated business models or a misplaced sense of nostalgia.


We believe in a world where commerce and quality are no longer mutually exclusive, and where the lowest common denominator is no longer the norm.


We feel a story should be free to find its own way: to be tried; shared; spread. Commerce should be the natural result of incredible creative work, not the other way around.

Hopeless geeks

We see a future full of possibilities, and love nothing more than to discover the creative promises of new technologies. Especially if it somehow involves lasers.

"A story, like the spectral color white, transcends every subdivision."


In 2015, Spectral White launched her first publication: Dav Iven: van zwaarden en zangers. Among others, we handled layout and formatting, web design, and marketing activities. Since, we've launched the Nearly Complete Guide to Writing Your Novel, our highly successful series of really colorful videos to help aspiring writers get their ass to work.